If you’re thinking about joining a gym, there’s a chance you haven’t even considered joining one that specializes in martial arts, such as our Xtreme Training Center! Even if you don’t have any experience with martial arts, you should think about trying a gym that offers Jiu Jitsu instruction. Learning some form of self-defense is empowering and builds confidence. Taking classes with the same people every week at Eric Nolan’s Xtreme Training Center connects you to a community that you don’t get at your average gym. Trying to choose between all the different martial arts classes can be confusing. Jiu Jitsu is a great option because it does not promote striking the opponent, so you don’t have to deal with any fears of taking a punch, if that’s not what you’re in to!

What is Jiu Jitsu?

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that enables a smaller, weaker opponent to defeat a larger, stronger opponent using ground fighting. Grappling techniques, joint locks, and submissions can empower users of all shapes and sizes with a reliable form of self-defense. A useful tool for adults and children, as well as men and women, Jiu Jitsu techniques are currently practiced across the world by millions of people for sport, self-defense, fitness, and discipline. Some consider it a way of life while others just want to get a great workout.

Jiu Jitsu, or 柔 術, was first invented in Feudal Japan as a method to defeat armored opponents who wielded weapons like swords and clubs. At this time the Japanese referred to their new martial art as Jiu Jitsu, which differed from other arts such as karate through its rejection of striking techniques. Instead, Jiu Jitsu focused on throwing, pinning, and locking your opponent, and otherwise using their momentum against them. Japanese Jiu Jitsu is still a widely practiced form of art today. This form of fighting also led to the development of judo, which remains a popular form of combat.

It was not until Jiu Jitsu was exported to Brazil that it became the sport we all know today! Several Japanese instructors such as Mitsuyo Maeda traveled around the world to conduct demonstrations and classes, even took on fighters across all disciplines to show the power of this Japanese art.

Sometime in 1917, Maeda began practicing demonstrations with a circus in Brazil that was operated by Gastao Gracie. When Gracie’s son, Carlos, witnessed Maeda’s athletic feats, he immediately decided he wanted to learn the art from Maeda. Maeda later accepted Carlos as a student of his own, and so the sub-discipline Gracie Jiu Jitsu was born.

Carlos Gracie passed on his knowledge to his family and descendants, who, along with many other influential Brazilian instructors, popularized the Brazilian version of the art. Figures like Helio Gracie, Rolles Gracie, and many other Gracie family members, are largely credited with developing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into the discipline we know today, but several other people were also responsible, such as Luiz Fraca and Oswoldo Fadda, to name a few.

Rio de Janeiro is a huge center for the sport and offers some of the most experienced and well trained BJJ instructors in the world. But chances are, there is an art of Jiu Jitsu school at a gym around the corner from you, such as our Xtreme Training Center! Learning the art in the correct way requires patience and discipline. People who stay committed say it has improved their lifestyle. Whether you want to achieve a black belt, or you just want to get a great workout while learning self-defense, working with a Jiu Jitsu trainer, such as our very own Bryan Travers, here at Eric Nolan’s Xtreme Training Center, is always a great option.

How can Jiu Jitsu benefit me?

Even as Jiu Jitsu becomes a well-respected sport, it has seen renewed interest in recent years thanks to the growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts – particularly those practiced in leagues such as Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator. Only in recent years has it entered the consciousness of the mainstream.

Benefits can be more substantial than those mainstream sports as well, as new members often cite increased discipline and self-confidence. Many will say that practicing Jiu Jitsu will actually change your life. As your fitness level grows and you gain self-awareness, your overall quality of life increases as these benefits spill over into all other aspects of your life.

If you are looking for a gym with Jiu Jitsu nearby, come give Eric Nolan’s Xtreme Training Center a try! Students of all ages can not only learn self-defense, but we also offer different classes like Xtreme Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Our Xtreme Training Center offers a range of martial arts classes with the aim of teaching you the philosophy of a complete MMA fighter.

A good martial arts gym today should not only have tons of mat room for grappling, but also free weights and machines. Some of the best gyms feature pro size boxing rings and raised UFC style octagons. But you know a gym is great when they have trained multiple athletes from youth to the professional ranks. A gym that has created champions. A gym like ours!

Are you ready for some Jiu Jitsu?

If you are like most people out there that aren’t interested in competing, and you just want to get a great work out and have fun while doing it, Eric Nolan’s Xtreme Training Center is more than happy to welcome you! Most of beginner classes are scheduled at convenient times and we offer lots of introductory special trials to new students!

One of the biggest benefits of joining Eric Nolan’s Xtreme Training Center is the sense of community that you gain from going through the workouts with the same team every week. Our gym has tighter bonds and relationships between students and our trainers than any other martial arts gym out there!

The time is now! Eric Nolan’s Xtreme Training Center is the gym for anyone who is looking for that next level experience. We are the original, world-class martial arts and fitness gym of Bakersfield, California. With over 35 years of experience, our Xtreme Training Center is the most reputable and well-equipped martial arts gym in Kern County, and one of the best in the entire state. Our 12,000 square foot facility features over 50 punching bags, a pro boxing ring, a pro-size weight room, and a huge MMA floor for classes and open use.

While Eric Nolan and our staff have trained many successful professionals, students of all skill levels are welcomed, and have hundreds of classes to choose from. Whether you want to live your Ultimate Fighter dreams or simply achieve your fitness goals, Eric Nolan’s Xtreme Training Center is the perfect place to start! Welcome to the healthiest ADDICTION you’ll ever know. Welcome to our Xtreme family!